Old Dope


I got out of my van and unlocked the one street letter box I have to clear each day. There was a real dope waiting for the bus, right in front of my van. A woman in her 70’s; white hair, wrinkled up, snot running down her face. “You’ve got an easy job,” she said to me.

I pulled the mail from the box and said in a semi-annoyed tone, “I guess some people would say that.”

“You just drive around and pick up mail all day.” She said the words like she knew them as fact.

“Actually, I’m a mailman. Most of the day I walk door to door with bundles of mail.”

“But it’s still an easy job.”

“Ok. Thanks,” I said, getting back into my van. As I pulled off, I rolled down my window and said, “I like your hair.” Then rolled my window back up and never looked back.

I don’t get it. How are there are so many people who say shitty things to strangers without realizing the shitty things they’re saying. What kind of disease is that?

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