People That Just Couldn’t See Me


I went to the Italian Center after work today. That place is usually pretty crowded. It’s also pretty small. So combined it’s hard to get around quickly. I’ve accepted that and, therefore, try not to get too impatient.

But today was a whole different thing. The store was more empty than I’ve ever seen it.  I swear to God, there were three people in there but for some reason, each and every one of them was totally oblivious. They just had no idea of their surroundings. I had to scrape against each one to proceed forward. I made especially sure not to say anything. No “excuse me,” or “sorry,” or, “I’m just trying to get by here.” There was not one ounce of snivel left in me today. So I silently pushed past them all. My hope was to wake them up, kind of shock them.

“Oh. My regular sized body is taking up the entire width of an aisle somehow, and all I’m doing is staring at these pomegranates.”

There was one really tall guy who was standing with his hands on his hips and as I squeezed between him and the shelves of juice boxes, his bony elbow dug into my chest. He just stayed standing like that once I got past him. He didn’t even look at me. Under my breath I said, “Don’t.” He didn’t hear it. Because he’s a dummmmmmy.

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