Amy Poehler


When I got home last night I played Super Smash Bros. by myself for about three hours. They’ve got a new feature on it where you can watch other people play the video game. I did that for about an hour while I ate some warmed up stew that I had made on Tuesday.

Then I laid down on the couch with a beer and watched Baby Mama. I didn’t laugh at anything til near the end when the judge says, “Let’s watch the language please.”

And Amy Poehler delivers and nails it when she says, “Freedom of Speech! Look it up. It’s in the thing!”

It was a very sad night for me. Tonight I guess I’ll do the almost the same thing but I feel like I’ll probably watch something with Schwarzenegger in it.

UPDATE: Got stoned and watched the first 20 minutes of Last Action Hero. Then I watched Edward Scissorhands. I got way too excited by the opening credit sequence and found the perfect frame to photograph on my iphone. I had the intention of posting it to Instagram. When I looked at the photo of my television in the dark I knew I had hit a new low.

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