Junior Mint Vendor


As a mailman it’s entirely possible to go the whole day without speaking to anybody, or vice versa. Today was almost one of those days, disrupted by the woman working at the convenience store.

I set a pack of Junior Mints on the counter. She rang it through and said, “$1.50.” She was fully immersed in the television set next to her. Dragon’s Den was on, a reality show about entrepreneurs seeking funding from a panel of wealthy idiots. It happens to be a guilty pleasure of mine. It’s super shitty and everyone on it is fucking insane. It’s totally embarrassing, I mean the show is. Anyway, I get why she couldn’t take her eyes off the screen.

I pulled out my debit card and she said, “Go ahead.” That’s when I entered my pin number.

On TV there was a woman pitching a breast-feeding device that men could wear. One of the male Dragons tried it on and then one of the female Dragons (the only female Dragon) said, “You got quite a big nipple there.”

The woman at the counter just smiled away. She was absolutely loving it. Laughing, still staring at the TV, she repeated, “Big nipple.”

She handed me my receipt, still watching her program.

Tonight I’m going to eat my junior mints on the couch.

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