Business Texts


On the weekend I work at a store I’m part-owner of. We’re called Local Gifts. You’ve probably heard of it. Anyway, I have three partners and we often communicate via a 4-way text group.

Matt – “We got another Raymond print order last night.”

Candice – “Uh oh. Which one?”

Matt – “Edmonton one.”

Candice – “Ah, okay. I won’t be able to do any delivering until Nick gets back tomorrow.”

Matt – “I could do it after work tomorrow. I think it’s going to an apartment though. Might have to call ahead to get an availability time.”

Cole – “I can call them right now.”

Matt – “Great. Thing is they paid for shipping. Like another $8. What to do about that?”

Cole – “Well, if we’re delivering it that’s still shipping, no?”

Matt – “An eight dollar delivery fee? I guess.”

Cole – “Yeah. It’s good We can toss in a magnet or a bag of chips… Ok, I’m calling. U 100% sure we got that print in stock?”

Matt – “Yeah.”

Cole – “Even after we sold one on Saturday?”

Matt – “Even after all that.”

Cole – “K.”

Matt – Also, where’s the party tonight? I don’t want to be alone anymore.”

Cole – “Ok. I called them. Said they’d be around tomorrow after we close so I said someone would deliver then.”

Candice – “Ok. So altogether we have 2 Edmonton prints left? Gonna email Zinta.”

They just totally ignored my plea of desperation. Whatever. I guess we’re not friendship partners. Just for the record, I stayed home alone and smoked a joint and fell asleep before 10:00. It’s a new thing I’m trying out every night.

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