I worked the store today. I like working the store. People you know and love come in and chat with you for a while. It’s always a surprise.

Today Leslie came in. She’s a friend of my sister’s. I’ve known her for probably 15 years. She’s easy to talk to and she’s pretty and sweet. So sweet, in fact, that when she came in she gave me a grape flavored candy, straight away. That’s just so great.

When she asked me what was new I mostly went on and on about Natasha and I breaking up. I told her how shitty I was feeling about everything. She said, “When I’m sad I like to shop.”

“Oh yeah. I totally get it. I’ve been buying so much useless shit.”

She piled some clothes onto the counter and then I asked,”Are you sad too?”

She hesitated for a second before telling me about how her dad’s home was broken into and how he was abducted. She said that they cut his thumb off and that her mom was beaten up in a parking lot. “It’s been all over the news,” she said. But can that really compete with a breakup? I’m not sure.

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