My sister, Jill, and her husband, Chris, came to Cherie’s party last night. Since Cherie is both my cousin and my upstairs landlord, I was there too and everyone got very drunk. I got so drunk that at one point I ran downstairs to my place and puked in the sink.

Today when I went to Jill and Chris’ place for supper Chris told me that on their way home Jill had puked in the cab and he had to pay $140 for the cleanup bill. He also said that Jill wanted to shout out the cab window, “So long mutherfuckers!” . “Why?” he asked her.

“Cause I just threw a drink in Matt’s face.”

“Oh yeah,” I said vaguely recalling. She did throw some drink in my face. But why? “Why did you throw a drink in my face last night, Jill?” I shouted to her.

She came out of the kitchen and laughed, “I did throw a drink in your face! That’s right. I knew I felt guilty about something this morning.”

I had to have said something pretty mean. What would deserve a drink in the face? I know I’m capable of being pretty hurtful with words. “I’m sorry,” Jill said.

“It’s okay.”

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