We were watching footage of Woodstock ’99 at Cole’s house. Limp Bizkit’s performance to be exact.

“Do you think the cookie is… Is this like a big ‘fuck you’ to his music reps? Like he’s in the game just for the pussy… so ‘you can take this cookie’, that’s like whatever the industry is using as leverage to tell him what to do and how to act?” Cole wondered aloud.

“Yeah, I never really paid attention or tried to figure out what this song was about,” I said.

Nick suggested, “Or maybe it’s just about a relationship with a girl.”

“So what’s the cookie representing in that case?” I asked.

Cole said, “Like the cookie is money or whatever he’s being paid, some extra perk so that the execs can do with him as they like.”

“Yeah. I get that. I like what you’re saying. But what about the relationship thing? Like if this song was about being in a relationship… what would the cookie represent in that case?”

I don’t think Cole was really listening to what was being said by anyone. “So he did it all for the nookie. And not for the cookie, which is whatever the music industry…”

“Yeah. I get that!” I raised my voice.  Cole looked at me a bit shocked. “Forget it,” I said.

We all laughed.

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