Guy Talking About Dogs


Our shop sells a lot of vintage things and comics and art that we find and gather from here and there. So anyway this guy, Trevor, who lives by the store came in one day and told us that we should come to his place to see all his old comics and Life Magazines and so on that maybe we could sell at the store.

When Cole and I rang his buzzer Trevor appeared, dressed so nicely in a bright blue collared shirt, tenderly tucked into his sweatpants. He had done his hair and he held a mouse in his hand. “Who’s that little friend?” Cole asked. Trevor ignored the question and showed us to his bedroom. He had all his Life magazines spread out on his bed, organized by year. We were surprised to find a man standing in there. “This one goes for $14,” the man said, staring at his iphone.

“This is my friend. He’s helping me price all this stuff.” Trevor said, introducing the guy. The guy didn’t say hello. Instead he stated, “This one goes for double that. $28! I can’t believe it.”

“Ok. I get it.” I thought to myself. “They planned this all out.”

“These are nice, but I think we’re really interested in seeing the comics you’ve got.” I said.

Those were in the kitchen spread out on his table.

Trevor’s friend said, “You guys should take a few of everything, you know? And make a display for it all, with a sign saying ‘rare finds’ or something like that.”

“Yeah. That’s a good idea,” I said.

“I’ve got a store too, you know. A pet store on the south side.”


“Yeah. And you know what the most popular dog is?”

“Mmm… Maybe some kind of Lab?”

“No, no. It’s Snoopy.”

“Oh. You mean a Beagle?”

“No. Snoopy is the most popular. Then you wouldn’t believe who’s second. That Clifford.”

“Clifford? The big red dog?” I asked.

“Uh, maybe. And the third is Santa’s Little Helper.”

“From the Simpsons.” I suggested.

“No. I don’t think so.” He said matter-of-factly.

“So Snoopy is the most popular. Then Clifford. But you know that with kids around the world it’s Clifford. He’s the most poplular with kids.”

“Hmm.” I said. I didn’t get why he was telling me all of this. I just wanted to look at the comics. And meanwhile Cole was dealing with Trevor and telling him the kinds of things we were looking for. I really wanted to put my two cents in but I didn’t want to be rude to this guy that was talking about cartoon dogs.

“So those are the most popular, but if you look at most recognized it’s totally different. Number one is Santa’s Little Helper, then Clifford, then Snoopy.”

I nodded.

“So popularity – it’s Snoopy then Clifford then Santa’s Little Helper. But recognized it’s Santa’s Little Helper, then Clifford, then Snoopy. It’s kinda backwards.” He moved his hands up and down, stating the various levels of these dogs popularity.

That’s when I slowly turned my back on him and looked at a Star Wars comic, slowly opening the cover, hoping he wouldn’t say anything else.

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