April asked me to talk about myself and my work for her students at the U of A. I didn’t have that much to say and when it came time for questions I only got one. “How do you know Stacy?”

“Through Josh Holinaty.” I responded.

“Oh yeah.”

It fell silent for a while and then I asked, because I had talked about my blog for a long time, “Do any of you guys have blogs?”

Some of the students looked at me. A few looked to their teacher, April. Most of them looked  confused by the question.

April said, “They’re too young for that. They missed that whole thing.”

“Really?” I didn’t want to believe her.

This isn’t a joke? Blogging isn’t hip? It’s like a dated thing that people in their thirties do? Or did? Am I the only one that even says blog?

As I drove home it really struck me… blogs are fucking lame. Shit. I’m still a fucking lame old guy, even if I do swear a bunch.

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