Cold Day Guy


Here’s the deal with why mailmen don’t stop to talk, especially on cold days. You have to understand that on very cold and snowy days mailmen hate doing their jobs because it’s COLD and they’re trudging, just plowing, through SNOW for 5 hours . It’s nice that you’re concerned for our well-being, (really, it is very nice) but stopping to talk about nothing very important is more frustrating than helpful. Movement keeps us warm, so when you ask, “Are you doing okay? How are you doing? Are you cold? Do you want to come in and warm up? Cold enough for you? Can you believe this weather…?” You are slowing down the mailman, therefore making him colder, therefore making him grumpy and bitter.

When I walk I listen to podcasts and music. When it’s cold, I’ve got my ipod inside my jacket. I’ve got my earbuds tucked under my toque, and I’m wearing thick gloves which makes it hard to take out and put back in those earbuds. That’s why when you ask me a question no matter what that question is, I will always reply “YES,” and not pause to continue conversation. I don’t know what you asked and I don’t want to know. So to the very worried looking guy who poked out of his door just to ask me “Arf arfadarf farf?” without a doubt, my answer remains “Yes.”


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