Natasha (3)


We work together now. She works on the mail case on the other side of mine. We stare at the same wall, I’m facing east she’s facing west.

We see each other every day for just a few minutes at a time. I’m glad we can talk. Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it’s easier. She said sometimes it feels like she’s talking to an avatar of me.

Yesterday. When we were talking I scratched my chin. Natasha touched her chin and said, “Sorry.”

“Sorry? What?”

“Is my chin blue?”

“No. I just had an itchy chin.”

“Oh. I thought you were trying to tell me… Five people have already asked about my chin since I’ve been here.”

“Really? All dummies. That’s like… Remember when I was so jealous of Eric and he asked you why your lips were all blue. I was like, “Ha ha! So long idiot. You lose.”

“You should’ve let him win.” She said walking away. “Then all your problems would’ve been solved.”

She texted me half an hour later and apologized. Then she brought me a donut this morning and said sorry again.

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