I downloaded Tinder onto my phone almost immediately after Natasha and I broke up. I flipped through it for a little while and swiped left on every single face I saw. That means I hated all the faces. I then deleted it. Then I got drunk some weeks later and redownloaded it.

This time it seemed a lot nicer. Or maybe it was the booze? Whatever. Anyway, the point is that I saw my friend’s ex-girlfriend on there. Someone he had dated for a few months and broke up, claiming that she was great. “If I didn’t just come out of a marriage…” was his excuse.

I had met her a couple times. She’s pretty and she seemed easy to talk to both times. Plus she gave me a right swipe. So what’s the problem, here? “I know you. You’re pretty and Josh and Natasha would punch my teeth out if they knew I wrote to you.”

We went out for supper tonight and talked about Josh for a while.

“Is this weird? Do you think he’s going to hate this?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t think it really matters.”

“Yeah. You’re right. It’s not like we’re… We’re just having a friendly conversation.” I laughed maniacally. But that is all we were doing. “He’s a big boy.” I said.

“Yes. He sure is.” Jordan replied with a smile.

I didn’t like the image that put in my head.

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