Tax Guy


I’ve been checking my mailbox eagerly every day since I filed my taxes because this year I’m getting a return of $1,280. I haven’t gotten a return since I lived abroad. But I’m getting one this year because of the unpaid internship I did for three months in New York.

Today I found the letter from the Canada Revenue Agency in my mailbox. When I opened it I couldn’t find the cheque. Instead there was a piece of paper that said,

“Tear off here and return the lower portion with your payment.”

“Say wha?”

I read the text that I had initially skipped, “This notice explains the results of our reassessment of your income tax return…  Blah, blah,blah… We have adjusted your return… blah, blah… You owe us $2,168.76”

I do what?

My heart sank. I had so many plans. I was either going to buy a really nice couch, or frame these prints or maybe get some new shirts. Hmm. A new shirt. That would’ve been so sweet. I would’ve got one with a breast pocket.

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