Jordan (5)


I invited myself over to her house. So far we’ve only hung out at mine and at bars/restaurants. She cooked Mexican food and I brought wine and we were going to have a really lovely little time while I judged her interior decorating.

There are lots of little things on her fridge. I like that. One of those things is a Trivial Pursuit card.

“What’s the story behind the Trivial Pursuit card?” I asked her.

She went to the fridge, plucked it off and brought it to me.

“Josh and I got really high and played Trivial Pursuit.”

A false smile spread across my face, “Uh huh?”

“Well, the question was – What type of elephant has got the biggest ears? But he read -What type of animal has got the biggest ears? Anyway. We thought it was really funny at the time.”

She laughed. And I opened my mouth to let some laughing out but I couldn’t make any.

“Well. That is funny. But I hate it so I’m putting it back on the fridge.”

While she cooked, her phone buzzed persistently. “My friend was on my phone last night and swiped left on every single Tinder guy he went through.”

Still on Tinder? I deleted mine after the first couple dates we went on. She showed me a few of the messages Tinder guys sent to her. Some were pretty smooth. Things I’d never think of saying in a million years.

“That’s actually pretty good.” I admitted about one guy’s response, which has been erased from my memory on account of a blinding rage.

“I thought so too,” she said.

Well. This supper better be fucking good.

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