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The photographs they took at the store last week came out in the local arts/culture paper. Candice and I modeling some of the clothes we sell. They weren’t too, too embarrassing, but there was one that stuck out in the kind of way nobody would want it to.

I guess I was trying too hard. I think there were one too many Tyra-isms going through my head. “Gotta look fierce in my jean jacket,” but I didn’t manage to pull it off, because that’s not a look my face can make. Instead it read,  quite literally, “POSER.” In the picture I’m looking over my shoulder, holding onto a backpack strap, staring straight into the camera, with too much foundation on my face and lip gloss on my tight-lipped lips.

I thought it’d be best to beat everyone else to the punch, so I posted it on Facebook and said, “This is my Sears face. Searsiously.”

People ‘liked’ the photograph. But when comments like “Hahahahaahaha,” “LOLOLOLOL,” and “Every time I see it I laugh,” started popping up, it occurred to me that it wasn’t ok for anyone else to laugh at this and said, “Hey! These Facebook friends are actually huge assholes.”


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  1. confused about who’s a bigger asshole – the person who found a picture of themselves they could laugh at, shared it with their friends and got mad when their friends also laughed, OR friends who are laughing with you at your tiger beat styling.


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