Doctor (4)


I took the day off from work after spending my first night ever at a certain someone’s place. My dick was all dried out from a mix of this rash and the sex we had. I called the doctor’s office and made another appointment.

“What seems to be the problem, my friend?”

“This rash has gotten worse.”

He had no idea about what I was saying. This guy! How many people does he see in a week?

I lifted up my shirt. The rash had raised, it was getting really dry and flaky in parts and sweaty and moist in other parts. “Remember?” I said. “I was here last week. You prescribed some pills.”

He looked me up on his computer. “Have you been taking them?”

“No.” I said. The doctor shook his head once in disapproval. “I thought I’d wait just for a bit between medications to see whether or not I was reacting to the last pills.”

“Good.” He said, which shocked me. “Don’t take them. I will send you for a blood test and we will see what is happening.”


“You will get the results back on Monday.”

“But I’m going on a trip to New York on Friday.”

“You can phone in?”

“Yes. I can phone in.”

“Then you take your medication with you and we will tell you to take them or not.”

I went next door for a blood test. The nurse pointed at the rash on my arm and I nodded yes, “I know.”

The guy next to me was getting tested for Syphilis. I guess it could always be worse.

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