Bar Couple


I spent the entire day with Nalis. She and I said a lot of things over breakfast, on the subway, walking around Coney, at that bar with her friends. Not much of it stuck though. Not with her, nor the people she introduced me to – her Reuters writing roommate, her work pals, that pretty older woman. Nobody. It was a nice day, but mostly a wash. In the end Nalis and I parted. She went home and I was left to myself, to walk around familiar neighbourhoods. Into a huge shitty bar, in search of a friend I heard was going to be there. He wasn’t. I circled round and round, contemplating whether or not I should get another drink. I thought against it when the idea made me choke. Outside I grabbed a Torta and wolfed it down before I got to the next bar.

I plopped myself down at a quieter establishment, seated next to an Australian girl and her Philadelphian boyfriend. I had a bag of chips and a cider with my journal out.

“What are you writing about?” She inquired.

“Oh. Just a bunch of bullshit,” I said.

“Oh! What is it?”

“Nothing. Just a bunch of meaningless bullshit.”

She didn’t say anything else. She turned around and left me alone until I felt like maybe I should make the best of this situation. It’s not often people take a genuine interest. I attempted to strike up a conversation. “So you guys are from Australia?”

She answered, “I am. He’s from Philadelphia.” I looked to the boyfriend and could tell he hated me.

“Are you staying in town?” I asked.

“I live here. He’s just in for a visit.” Again, I look to the boyfriend. He nods “yes” and takes a drink. “Yeah. We spend every other weekend here.”

“That’s nice.”

There was a moment of silence before she said, “I really want to know what you’re writing.”

A bit too drunk, I wasn’t sure if I had made myself clear the first time. “It’s bullshit. Nothing important or interesting. you know? It’s just boring shit.” That was all it took for her to turn around again.

When they got up to leave we all shook hands. “Take care.” The boyfriend told me.

“I will.” I said with 100% confidence.

I lay my head down on the bar to write more, the pen inches from my nose. It’s completely illegible. A total waste of time. Now I wish someone was here to talk to.


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